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July 20, 2013

In this day and age, we’re constantly being told that in order for you or your business to be a success, you must fully embrace the wonderful world that is social media. Don’t, and you’re running the risk of not only turning yourself into a complete social outcast but also endangering your business from a fate worse than obscurity.

Nowadays, it’s quite normal to see couples in a restaurant holding relationships (sometimes with each other) on walls and timelines. Not so long ago we were blessed with the ridiculous delights of text language. Today, the art of conversation has been driven headlong into the world of hashtags and less than 140 characters. It seems that anyone who’s anyone, anyone who wants to be someone and those who just want to feel in any way human (albeit through a virtual world) must be in on the act.

There is huge debate over the rights and wrongs of this virtual phenomenon. But who are the ones doing most of the tweeting, liking, poking, blogging and trending? SMEs touting for business or young mums trying to recreate a social life that once was? Who cares? For me, the strength of social networking lies in getting in touch with people you were highly unlikely to converse with otherwise, and being able to learn, share skills, tips, experiences, thoughts, wisdom, friendly advice, good, and occasionally not so good times. I happen to run two businesses and a household containing two under twos. Social networking is something of a sanity check. And sadly, in this modern world, sometimes the only way to keep in touch with loved ones on a regular basis.

Not only that but I believe it is actually quite a skill to be able to write about your whole day in the real world in less than 140 characters. As a business communications writer (and editor), I know only too well, that more often than not,  less is so much more.

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