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We thought it was time for a refresh

November 9, 2015

You may have noticed something a little different about us recently.

The Copywrite Company has undergone a brand makeover.

Think Bruce & Caitlyn. Nothing’s really different apart from our name. You’ll still receive the same excellent level of service from the same talented people – we just thought it was the right time to get down to the real essence of who we are and what we do best. It’s also easier to spell and hopefully people won’t get confused and think we can copyright their latest song!

It didn’t take us long to come up with our new look. We have kept our corporate colours because they reflect our sunny disposition and house style. We thought about asking our graphics guru Richard M to design us a quirky logo but we’re about words at the end of day, and as great things tend to come in pairs, we think our new name hits the nail on the head. We also think our brand spanking new business cards, website ( and everything else are looking pretty fabulous too. After all, who doesn’t like getting treated to a full new wardrobe every now and again?

Of course, we’d love you to tell us what you really think. Even if it means we break the internet. Move over Bruce & Caitlyn, #brandandcontent are in town.

Let us know on twitter @brandandcontent, on Facebook/brandandcontent or ping Helen an email at her new address:



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